– CCTV / Rock ‘n’ Soul –


Two plays for the price of one!!

CCTV by Derek Webb

In the security control room of The Oaks shopping centre, Rich is coming on duty for the night shift, relieving Alex and Jane, two other guards. Alex is decidedly non-pc with a penchant for zooming in the CCTV cameras onto unsuspecting women shoppers. Rich is far more conformist and rather pedantic in his attitudes, but he has obviously learnt to put up with Alex’s childish behaviour. Jane has a penchant for shopping with a capital S and is a bright, rather feisty addition to the security team.

It is, it seems an ordinary evening at The Oaks – until the arrival of Keith, a robber of quite breathtaking incompetence, intent on robbing the shopping centre…

ROCK N SOUL by Freddie Jacobsen

Ever wondered what happens to a dry, drug-addicted, destructive, egocentric rock star when he arrives at the pearly gates?  Infamous rock sensation Ed Brash has coarse manners, no cigarettes and just one week to prove to St. Peter that he deserves to be in heaven. But for someone who remembers ‘Charity’ to be the name of a groupie he once slept with, and Anne, the old-fashioned angel itching to catch him out at his first slip-up, Ed’s quest to prevent his eternal damnation could prove to be more difficult than getting tickets for Eargasm’s sold out gigs.

Rock ‘n’ Soul is a heavenly tale that promises to light up your life…and your afterlife!

We will be performing CCTV and Rock ‘n’ Soul between 12th and 14th Sept 2019 and tickets are £7 / £5 concessions available from http://www.edgetheatre.co.uk or on 0161 282 9776.


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